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March 18, 2020
Super Precise Clocks: Spies of the Quantum Realm
Speaker: Ana Maria Rey, University of Colorado, JILA

The best clock in the world has no hands, no pendulum, no face or digital display. It is made of ultra-cold strontium atoms trapped in crystals of light.  This clock is so precise that, had it begun ticking when Earth formed billions of years ago, it would not yet have gained or lost a second. This super precise atomic clock not only is serving as the most accurate timekeeper, but also it is starting to help us unveil the mysteries of the quantum world, full of bizarre properties. In this talk I will tell you why atomic clocks are a win-win business: not only they are setting the foundations of the next generation of quantum technologies, but in parallel, the gained understanding of the quantum realm is allowing us to improve the current generation of clocks and build the most incredible quantum rulers of time ever imagined.